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It has nothing to do with the plot but I literally said out loud "What?" when this action from ep 8X21 happened )

Give me your theories! Cracky fun welcome!
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On last night's House, Cut for spoilers )

Anyone interested in a teeny fluffy Halloween ficlet, even though it's now November?
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Here there be spoilers )

Oh, you were expecting me to say something more? Maybe tomorrow.

Thank goodness I happened to flip on the TV at 10:00 in case the DVR was cutting off next episode's promo -- because that was the latest starting episode of House ever. Anybody know what happened?
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I said as a comment on a post about House: "Let's have him go through therapy but leave off-screen him discussing anything that actually matters with his therapist" and was challenged to share what I thought was missing from the therapy sessions.

Thinking it through made for an interesting list. I wondered if anyone had anything else they would've liked to see... or if I missed something during "Broken" and some of these were covered.

As to the meetings with the therapist, a few of the issues House has that weren't discussed include:
- his father's treatment of him
- how he feels about his mother's upbringing of him, given that he hates what his father has done
- exploration of why he thinks unconditional love doesn't exist; how this affects his life
- how he feels about being a unique intellect; his search for someone like him
- how he feels about Kutner's death
- how he feels about Amber's death
- exploration of why it was Amber he was hallucinating
- in-depth discussion of his friendship with Wilson; "Wilson is not a consolation prize" is an interesting statement that could use more follow-up
- how he feels about his patients. We've been told throughout canon he sees them as puzzles; some fans hypothesize that he stays away from patients because he always cares too much -- is it either of those? Something in-between?

I also would've liked to see a more definitive discussion of his actual pain levels and a comprehensive, well thought-out pain management plan. It's strange for someone to go from methodone for their chronic pain (remember Cuddy was OK with him taking it, then he decided not to) to ibuprofen. Was that much of the pain really caused by over-dependence on Vicodin?


May. 28th, 2011 02:36 pm
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And this is what Taub's plot in the S7 finale immediately reminded me of:

Read more... )


May. 9th, 2011 09:00 pm
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Apologies to my f-list for the lack of lj-cut before: I meant to post this to HWLOL


Spoiler )
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In the latest episode of House MD, House says that Cut for dialogue spoiler )

No Cuddy-Hate will be tolerated in comments. You do not have to like her; you do have to be civil and reasoned in your discussion of her.
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Fic challenge for everyone based on episode 7-12 of House, "You Must Remember This."

Here there be spoilers for tonight's episode )

And... go!

ETA: Think essay question, not fill-in-the-blank. Please?


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