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It's been ten days (well, eleven actually, but who's counting?) since I issued a fic challenge, and now it's time for a round-up!

If you answered the challenge, please comment here with a link to your fic to be included in the round-up.
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A v.v. awesome friend of mine is running a v.v. awesome word-use challenge this summer, based on 100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know. Some of these I don't know, and some I do, and a bunch of them I've already used in fics. If you can name a word from the list below and the fic I've used it in, I'll give you a present. DK what it is yet -- probably a drabble.

'Scuse me for now, I'll be in my bunk with, getting familiar with the words I don't know.

001. aesthetic 002. alchemy 003. allegory 004. anachronism 005. anathema
006. bailiwick 007. beleaguered 008. bromide 009. cappuccino 010. caprice
011. caribou 012. chiasmus 013. chortle 014. coccyx 015. crescendo
016. cruciverbalist 017. desultory 018. detritus 019. didgeridoo 020. ebullient
021. echelon 022. egregious 023. ephemeral 024. epicure 025. ersatz
026. facetious 027. fecundity 028. focaccia 029. fusty 030. gem├╝tlichkeit
031. glossolalia 032. gossamer 033. gravamen 034. halcyon 035. hiatus
036. humuhumunukunukuapuaa 037. iconoclast 038. insouciant 039. interloper 040. internecine
041. inveigle 042. jeremiad 043. juxtaposition 044. koan 045. laconic
046. lagniappe 047. leprechaun 048. litotes 049. lucubrate 050. magnanimous
051. maharajah 052. malapropism 053. meretricious 054. mesmerize 055. meticulous
056. milieu 057. mitochondrion 058. nemesis 059. nictitate 060. nostrum
061. nudnik 062. obloquy 063. obstreperous 064. oxymoron 065. palaver
066. pejorative 067. precarious 068. prestidigitation 069. preternatural 070. quark
071. quixotic 072. redolent 073. repugnant 074. rubric 075. sangfroid
076. sarcophagus 077. schwa 078. serendipity 079. sesquipedalian 080. shaman
081. sinecure 082. snakebit 083. soporific 084. succotash 085. susurration
086. syzygy 087. tantalize 088. theory 089. timbre 090. troglodyte
091. ullage 092. umlaut 093. vicissitude 094. visceral 095. voluptuous
096. wassail 097. xerophyte 098. yogh 099. Zeitgeist 100. zenith

PS. REMIX REDUX. That's both a hint for one of the words above, and a shout of jubilation because sign-ups for Remix Redux '09 is open!
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The Hugh Laurie Birthday Charity Drive is going on to support Save the Children, a well-respected, well-run charity that provides health care, food, and early childhood programs in the US and around the world.

"Creations for Donations" is the thank-you portion of the drive. If you make a donation, you can request a custom fanwork from any of the following folks:

[ profile] princesskraehe (art)
[ profile] cadeira (podfic)
[ profile] benjimmy (fic or music or beta)
[ profile] not_as_we (vid)
[ profile] samanthaviner (Dreamwidth freebies)
[ profile] winterlongone (music)
[ profile] sugora

[ profile] usomitai
[ profile] bishojo_kitsune
[ profile] euclase

[ profile] alanwolfmoon
[ profile] arhh
[ profile] bonomania
[ profile] cindy_lou_who8
[ profile] hannahrorlove
[ profile] hilsonlover
[ profile] hwshipper
[ profile] little_missmimi
[ profile] phinnia
[ profile] queenzulu
[ profile] travin1

(I was on the list but have already received my max. number of requests.)

Click on the handsome man below for more info:

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Well, not lights. But credits.

I am working diligently on the Voting fic (only 12 more voters/workers to go!) and am planning to put a credits list at the end, in order of appearance. This will be OPT-IN only. Comment on this post if you requested a place in the Voting fic and want to be identified in the credits. (If you don't comment, I won't put your LJ name in.) E.G.:

Annoyed Ass: Greg House
Outwardly Patient But Secretly an Ass: James Wilson
"Petrelli for Congress" Girl: Hannah
Really Talkative Guy: M. Rodney McKay, Ph.D., Ph.D.
Military Message Deliverer ("Slinky Guy"): John Sheppard
Really Tall Guy: Ronon Dex
Way Too Enthusiastic First Time Presidential Election Voter: chippers

Author: [ profile] deelaundry
Contributing Writer: [ profile] blackmare_9
Contributing Writer: [ profile] bironic
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In the Anonymeme, I was warned against pandering and "cuddling up to readers." In general, my approach toward writing is to write what I want, and if anyone else reads it, great. (Exception being custom-written fics, which are written how I want and how the requestor wants.)


I am thinking up a "House and Wilson wait in line to vote" dialogue-only ficlet. If you voted, you can be one of the voters waiting in line with them. Comment on this post with the physical description you want to have, and if you like, one thing you want to say to them. Or you can request that another canon character from House or Stargate Atlantis approach them in line.

Non-Americans reading this, if you voted in the last major election in your country, you qualify too.


'Get up at the butt-crack of not-even dawn and save time in line!' Does this look like saving time in line to you? )


Hey You!

Sep. 24th, 2008 06:53 pm
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[ profile] house_of_fanfic is having a Dialogue only Ficathon/Drabble-a-thon.

AWESOME! If you've never tried dialogue-only, here's your chance!

The rules are at the link, but here are the most important:
* Dialogue only story. (No descriptive text, 'he saids', etc.)
* Word count is your choice. A drabble, or something longer or shorter; it's up to you.
* All ships welcome. And friendship, and gen.
* Clearly label your fic for rating, spoilerage, title, author, word count and ship (if any).

If you want a prompt, comment here with the characters you're most interested in, and I'll give you one!

Exclamation points!
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If you participated in the Speculation Pool, now is the time to pay up! Don't make me send Martin Grey after you!

Go to Xaipw's post on [ profile] wilsons_heart and give her something creative. Fun, funny, or angsty; ep-related or not; it's all good. So far, people have paid up with:

- an activity-book-type maze
- icons
- a GIF of House, Wilson, and Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis
- a short, funny vignette on why Wilson sleeps on House's couch
- a post-ep ficlet with Wilson considering other universes
- a schmoopy House/Wilson ficlet completely unrelated to the ep

Your turn!
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If you're participating in the speculation pool, I sent you an invite for a new community. Please join it, as that's where we'll announce results and you'll either "pay up" or collect.
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Speculation Sweepstakes for Last Episode of Season Four of House MD

Many, many speculative theories have arisen about what will happen in the season-ending episode of House MD. [ profile] daisylily asked me how many I've heard, and it's been... a lot. So, why not have a contest, sweepstakes style?

Comment here and you will be randomly assigned to one of the 50 speculations in the list below. If your assigned speculation is correct, you win! Note: 10 slots still open!

Please note that all speculations may or may not be based on spoilers. I have not marked which parts are spoilers, so you may cover your ears and LA-LA if you don't want to know ahead of time. However, if seeing something in the episode that was speculated here will bum you out, read no further.

Losers are required to produce a small creative offering for the winner: write a drabble, sketch a picture, create a macro or icon, or just screencap a favorite moment from the episode.

Winner or winners get all the goodies, plus a banner proclaiming "I Won Wilson's Heart*! *Speculation Sweepstakes". Unless the winner does not want to have won Wilson's heart (looking at you, IHC), in which case they will get an autographed* picture of their favorite House actor/actress *autographed by me.

50 Speculations About Last Episode of S4 )
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A couple of fans had the idea to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, one of Robert Sean Leonard's favorite charities, as a tribute for his birthday, February 28.

[ profile] rsl_bday_drive has details and instructions on how to donate, on the profile/user info page. As [ profile] jane_hidell said, "I do believe it's something about which RSL might actually think "Huh, neat" before he goes out to buy more Vienna Fingers."

To support this effort, I'm offering custom fics to anyone who donates, at 50 words a dollar. $2 gets you a 100-word drabble; $5 gets you a 250-word ficlet; $100 gets you a 5,000-word custom fic of your very own. (Just found out minimum donation is $5)

If you've read any of my stuff, you know I'll write just about anything: slash, het, gen, any character, almost any subject*. This is your chance to get a fic written to your specifications, in the House, SGA, or Damon/Affleck fandoms.

Please give to support a great charity, and to honor a great dork. : )

ETA: My gal [ profile] phinnia and [ profile] alex51324 are going to make the same basic offer. Only one fic request per donation, please!

*If you're under 18, I will not write you NC-17.


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