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I have been accused of censorship, so here it is, the comment that I deleted, for being personal and rude.

Full attribution to [ profile] inlaterdays.
Now who's demonstrating a lack of reading comprehension here?

You are. Repeatedly, almost, I suspect, wilfully. And no, I do not excuse you. You really ought to know better than to behave in the way you are doing.

Do you need a dictionary now? A CONVERSATION during a photo-shoot is not an INTERVIEW. He agreed to be photographed. He did not agree to have anything he said printed, much less things he never said attributed to him.

And "working on it"? "Going slowly?" Good grief. It's amazing how when you're the one perpetuating harmful attitudes of women (possibly in front of children), your attitude is a non-serious "tee hee, giggle, emoticon, oh we're working on it," but when it comes to perpetuating vicious lies about a man you've never met, you're right in there, dagger drawn.

I don't know if it makes you feel better somehow about the harm that you are doing or your lack of self-respect, but it's not right.

You must feel less of a person. I can't conceive of any person who was treated badly or discriminated against choosing to continue to tolerate such treatment.

Protip: If your husband really wanted to change, he'd have changed already.

PROTIP: I don't agree with a damn thing in this comment of Inlaterdays', and I consider it utterly obnoxious and rude. But she didn't want it deleted, so here it is.

Edited 11/6/10, removing some of my personal response, to shorten the post.

And that is all I will say on this topic.
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"So? Is there some kind of statute of limitations on grief?"

"Actually there is. In the mental health field, we tend to gauge recovery according to how long you knew the person. If you get divorced, it should take as many months for you to get over it, as years you were married. The same applies to death."


If any of you have read this, do NOT take it as true. It is BULLSHIT. The mental health field does NOT have a rule of thumb on how long it should take you to "get over" a death.
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Taking a night's hiatus. If you need to get in touch with me, email me.

Jokes particularly welcome.


Jan. 14th, 2009 06:18 pm
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Real life: Massive sinus infection. DO NOT WANT

Fandom: Ausiello can suck a smelly hairy one.

For a future episode, I've made up a conversation for Wilson to have with Cameron (or Cuddy) about the Wilson-House friendship, and now if something similar doesn't happen, I'm going to be disappointed. Thanks, brain.


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