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...a good beta. Someone to say them, "Well, ok, but why? What's the overall gist of what you're trying to accomplish here? Alright, given that, why is this scene here? Why does this character say that, and do that? You've shown a gun in act one, so how are you going to make it go off before the story's done? And literary license is a thing, but you've gone over the line into supernatural, even given the AU you're writing. How would this have occurred -- I mean literally how, walk me through it, even if you're not going to cover it in the plot, you have to have thought through the actual steps. And this, this, and this would be more effective if dialed back a bit. I get this is all about the adventure but if you're going to say that the character has emotionally progressed, you have to show that the character has emotionally progressed."

I can personally recommend [personal profile] bironic, [personal profile] daisylily, [personal profile] nightdog_barks, and [personal profile] thedeadparrot for this important role, although you may not be able to afford them...
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Title: Roller Derby Queen
Vidder: Dee Laundry
Characters: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Summary: In the annals of fandom, John Sheppard is a pretty, pretty princess. James Wilson is a busy working wife. And John Watson is a roller derby queen.
Notes: Support your local roller derby, because it is awesome, as is John Watson. Thanks to [personal profile] bironic for the beta.
Source: Sherlock
Music: "Roller Derby Queen" by Jim Croce (trimmed)

Roller Derby Queen from Dee Laundry on Vimeo.

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1) My Festivid vid is turned in!

2) I watched the S3 Sherlock last ep. Talking about it with Nightdog over here: if you'd like to join us.
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Just had my first time trying a livestream over the internet, and the experience was pretty good. Couple of laggy points, but that was expected, so overall satisfaction: high.

(Except the player had a pause button, which caused a blow-up each of the three times I forgot I wasn't watching a DVD and tried to pause. Oops.)

Slight Spoilers for Sherlock S3 E1 )
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Title: Every Day
Vidder: Dee Laundry
Characters: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Love, one letter at a time a.k.a. "I'd be lost without my blogger."
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] bironic for the beta.
Source: Sherlock
Music: "Everyday I Write the Book" by Elvis Costello (trimmed)

Every Day from Dee Laundry on Vimeo.

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There was a tweet by Ian Hallard, husband of Mark Gatiss, expressing incredulity about a Sherlock/John romantic relationship happening in canon for Sherlock BBC.

"OK, I get that some people like to fantasise about Sherlock & John as a couple but no one seriously thinks it will actually happen,do they?!" --Ian Hallard

He later apparently expanded on his comment, pointing out that the two characters identify on the show as heterosexual (true) and asexual (not really, Sherlock identified as "married to his work," which could mean asexual or could mean aromantic or could mean not currently pursuing relationships while still having a sexual and/or romantic identity).

Does Ian not watch the show? He's an actor, so I would assume he has some skill at analyzing text, but maybe not.

Here is a huge clue that within this show's canon, the stated sexuality of the characters does not necessarily indicate every kind of attraction they experience: Irene Adler, so singular in ACD canon as to be called "The Woman," falls for BBC Sherlock despite being gay. So if Irene's attraction to women does not preclude her from falling for Sherlock, why is it "fantasy" to assume John's attraction to women doesn't have to preclude him from falling for Sherlock?

And as for Sherlock's sexuality, I will refer you to John's take on it: "Who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes." (Episode 2-1, "Scandal in Belgravia")
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Title: Not My Lover (The One)
Vidder: Dee Laundry
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dance, on the floor, in the round.
Content Notes: Violence and strategically covered nudity.
Notes: [personal profile] bironic issued a challenge for a non-Reichenbach Sherlock vid, and well, here we are. Thank you to her for the beta.
Source: Sherlock, "Scandal in Belgravia"
Music: "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson (trimmed)


Mar. 24th, 2013 07:18 pm
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Bless me, DW/LJ, for I have sinned. It's been eight weeks since my last confession. Er, post.

Anyhoo, how are y'all? I haven't kept my New Years' resolution of being around DW/LJ (for which I'm really sorry), so probably most things since January have passed me by. Tell me, tell me!

Fannishly, Sherlock is the big thing for me lately, although as a consumer, not really a producer. Until [personal profile] bironic lamented the dearth of non-Reichenbach vids and a particular song came on the radio... which is to say, you can expect a Sherlock fanvid from me late tonight or tomorrow. :)

Still waiting for RSL to sign up for a play that is on the East Coast, c'mon, dude. Yes, I'll be watching Falling Skies this summer but it's not quite enough. Was so desperate I watched The I Inside on Netflix. Sigh. Not really worth it.
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Would anyone be interested in beta-ing a Sherlock BBC fic, presuming I can get it farther than the 520 words it is now? It's not any of the plot bunnies I mentioned in an earlier post.
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One of the most important things in quantitative survey research is to identify the correct scale on which to measure responses. Without the correct scale, your metrics will be distorted and won't answer the true business question.

On Tumblr today, I was pleased to find a near-perfect match of metric and inquiry:

"On a scale of John Watson to Jack Harkness, how out of the closet are you?"

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Parents on my F-list, do you see the same problem with this toy that I do?


"Hide and seek with adorable bees! Tots enjoy a super-fun game of hide-and-seek…with a cute 8" hive & 5 friendly bees that jingle, rattle, crinkle and squeak! Little ones just flip open the hive to hide the bees inside, then pull them through the peekaboo door!" (Available here)

Sherlock fans, someone would buy this for Sherlock's toddler, y/y?


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