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1) If you liked Stargate: Atlantis, you need to see [ profile] bironic's new fanvid Anything for You and leave her a comment. Lovely!

2) Um, hi. I've been in a mood for... some period of time now. Couple of weeks? Month? Anyway, sorry about that.

3) Wilson and House both have control issues. House needs to have control so he can make things happen; Wilson needs to have control so he can prevent things from happening.

4) Not related to the above #3, I have written the last paragraph of a House Season 7 follow-up fic. Now I just need the bit before it.

5) Some day I will share with you an essay on me, Wilson, and gender issues, but it will require footnotes and references and autism thoery and a re-watch of early seasons of House and me finally finishing The Second Sex, so it ain't gonna be any time soon.

6) Wish the muse was around enough for me to participate in Porn Battle.
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In the "re-write of canon with Wilson as a woman" fic that I'm never going to write, I've decided Wilson's first name is Mary. House generally calls her Wilson, but when he's feeling particularly grumpy/vicious toward her, he calls her Maggie.

I haven't forgotten about the several fics I still owe for the RSL and HL Birthday Drives, I swear. It's just been a fallow period for writing lately, which you may have noticed. Last fic/ficlet put up: June 11. Last fic over 1000 words: May 10. Last fic over 2000 words: April 4. : ( I did manage to finish Remix, and that will go up (anonymously) this Sunday. But that's it. Ah well.
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Not posted to comms

Title: House in Menopause
Author: Dee Laundry
Characters: House, Wilson, Cameron, Foreman, Chase, Cuddy
Rating: PG
Words: 205
Notes: Gender switch scene (all characters born opposite gender) written for Djinn on 9/9/06.

They were in House's office )


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