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A humongous thank you to [ profile] bironic for hours of help today. \o/ I will be making the Feb 29 deadline, or else!
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"So," Mr. Laundry said just now. "Has anyone written a fic where Rodney modifies the stargate so it'll turn John gay?"

"I'd have to check the archive," I replied.

"But Ronon goes through instead," Mr. L continued. "So it causes a love triangle. And Rodney's trying to figure out how to get John to go through, but he keeps getting distracted by all the buttsex with Ronon."

"Go on," said I.

"And then Weir turns into a statue but no one notices."

LOLOLOLOL Mr. L was born to write crack.

He also requests someone make an SG-1 fanvid with all the times they say they're locked out of the system.
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One more idea, then I'll stop spamming you, f-list.

Post-S5 House vid idea )


Jul. 21st, 2009 06:14 pm
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My insanity is creeping into a second fandom. I want to make a McKay-centric vid to "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon.

C'mon, a bodyguard the guy wants to call "Betty" -- is that Sheppard or what? I mean, seriously.

Had a tough time with who the disappeared "role model" would be, because McKay seems to be his own role model, which led to the obvious conclusion. Rod. No doubt.
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"Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever." --Aristophanes

- [ profile] hannahrorlove gave me two books, A History of the World in Six Glasses and On Bullshit. Thank you, Hannah! Haven't finished the first but I liked the above quote a lot. :D I've finished the second and thought it was marvelous. It helped clarify what makes me angry about certain people, why I have no respect for them at all. Should do a whole post about that.

- Has anyone done an awesomely cheese-tastic post-S5 House/Cuddy fanvid to Hoobastank's "The Reason" yet? The song seems kind of tailor-made for it, particularly if you went the "purposefully badvid" route, like the SGA McShep vid to "Jolene."

I found a reason for meeeeeeeee
To change who I used to beeeeeeeee
A reason to start over newwwwwwww
And the reason is you

ETA: On YouTube, I found five House/Cameron vids to the song, one House/Chase, and one House/Cuddy, but it's from February.

- There was going to be a third bullet point here, but I've forgotten it.

PS. I just thought of the phrase "screaming into an empty sea." Eh? Wouldn't an empty sea be the saddest thing ever?


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