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Bironic and I both wanted desperately to shout, “THREESOME!” when the characters kept asking, “If we love each other, and we both love him, what should we do?”

Because, seriously, threesome. That is what you do when you have three people who all love each other.

I get that heteronormativity exists, but since the play already established that the WEATHER IS CONTROLLED BY ROYAL DECREE, Arthur could just go, “Yep, married to both of them, shut up.”
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Saw Camelot last weekend with [personal profile] bironic, and it was very fun.

The reviews have been uneven to say the least so I was a bit worried going in, but I loved it! Looking back at the reviews, they’re mostly like, This isn’t as elaborate as the three-hour version with Julie Andrews so boo to this.

I’ve never seen the three-hour version to compare it to, so I took this version on its own merits and thought it was quite fun. They did have some occasions when they very blatantly had a symbol stand in for something more elaborate (e.g., covered the floor in red to show that Arthur was standing where a battle had recently taken place) -- that worked for me. They didn’t try to pretend; they very clearly indicated when things were symbols. Another example: rather than close the curtain and move things on the set, they had the actors move things on the set. Generally that was done with a choreographed flourish from the actors, indicating “Ta da! We are doing this transition now!”

The set design in general was one I loved. Use of warm woods, movable set pieces, tall arches placed in foreground, midground and background for a sense of scale. In contrast to say, Prodigal Son, where the minimalist design of the outdoor scenes were too minimal for my taste, the set design in this version of Camelot gave a good sense of place in each scene.

Now why did I choose to see a play at a theater located 300 miles from my home? Robert Sean Leonard, naturally. He played Arthur, and looked good. He was SO MUCH more comfortable showing affection to Guenevere (played by a very good actress named Britney Coleman, who Bironic recognized as having been in A Very Potter Musical on YouTube) than he’s been in anything else ever, so that was nice. It looked like he had grown a tummy on him, but I don’t see how that’s possible in the few weeks since promo pics, so maybe that was the costume.

Singing isn't RSL's greatest strength but he acquitted himself fine (other than dropping the end of some of his words, seriously, RSL, finish what you start). He slid into the Rex Harrison/Robert Preston sing/talk mode (see the 1964 film My Fair Lady and the 1962 film Music Man if you don't know what I mean) and that was fine.

Did you see the promo vid where he was dancing, and it looked kind of dorky and uncoordinated? That scene takes place in Arthur & Guenevere’s bedroom, and they are joking around. So it’s supposed to look a little bit dorky and impromptu. :)

One amazingly fun part that wasn't RSL: Mordred, the villain. Bironic and I agreed immediately that he was very reminiscent of Seth Green ("Scott Evil!" I said) and that we loved the sparkle seen in his thighs and personality, both. ([personal profile] bironic's full write-up, which is better than mine, is here.

The actors didn’t come out afterward, so no autograph or close-up encounter, unfortunately. But all in all, it was a great time and I’m glad I went.

I'm even more glad that I chose to travel the way I did because it meant a lot more time with Bironic, and that was even better than the play. <3 <3 <3

Next up for RSL: back to San Diego to play Richard II in summer 2017.

Next up for me: Going to the UK for work in a few weeks and getting to see my awesome RSL-loving friend [personal profile] daisylily!

Dorky dancing that I was talking about:
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"Have you seen the twin turbos on that new Cesna, by chance?"

Said to a male friend while staring creepily at Kristy Swanson. D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

I've liked RSL's acting in Ground Control -- up until that line. The rest of the movie is kinda eh, but it's fun for the 80s flashback.

The bully from Stand by Me and Lost Boys! The love interest from Top Gun! The dad from Family Ties! The Fonz! (Well, that's 70s but you get the point) Dot matrix printers! Headsets having plugs! Software design being "ones and zeroes, zeroes and ones"! Short-sleeve dress shirts worn with ties! A lot of coffee but none of it is from Starbucks (or equivalent fake brand due to copyright issues)!
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Had a lovely time in New York this weekend. Good friends, good food, good drinks. The MoMA is as wonderful as I remembered, and being able to go through a museum at my own pace (instead of chasing one or more of the Little Laundrys) was a heavenly delight.

It began with a decent enough drive up the...

And y'all don't care anything at all about that, do you? )
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He was wearing a Grey's Anatomy cap. More later.
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At least sixteen of RSL's former co-stars have ended up with guest roles on House (last four in the list below were ID'd by Muggs on HHOW).

Sasha Alexander ("The Down Low", was Jesse on the TV series "Wasteland" - RSL played the character named "Jesse's ex" in one episode)
Eddie Mills ("Clueless"; in that episode of Wasteland with RSL)
John Laroquette ("Son of a Coma Guy"; in Corsairs with RSL)
Scott Foley ("Sports Medicine"; in a play with RSL)
Cynthia Nixon ("Deception"; in The Manhattan Project (and plays) with RSL)
Kurtwood Smith ("Half-wit"; played RSL's father in Dead Poets Society)
Frank Whaley ("Mirror Mirror"; in Swing Kids, and in plays with RSL)
Piper Perabo ("Resignation"; in The I Inside with RSL)
Kip Pardue ("Forever"; in Driven with RSL)
Brent Briscoe ("Three Stories"; in Driven with RSL)
Mackenzie Astin ("All In"; in Last Days of Disco with RSL)
Geoffrey Lewis ("One Day, One Room"; in A Painted House with RSL)
Dylan Kussman (the father in "Kids"; in Dead Poets Society)
Jack Plotnick (Hal Connor in "Broken"; in Ground Control)
Jonathan Fraser (motorbike salesman in "Autopsy"; in Ground Control)
Stacy Edwards (Lucy Palmeiro in "The Socratic Method"; in Driven)

ETA 4/27/10:
Ann Dowd (Mother Superior in "Damned if You Do"; in the play Candida with RSL)
David Strathairn (POTW in "Lockdown"; RSL's father in In the Gloaming)

Stated another way, over 10% of House episodes have had a former RSL co-star in it. O_O

Anyone know any more? We might've missed out on some who were on the stage with him.

PS. If there are any other guest stars in future episodes, DON'T MENTION them. No spoilers please.
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Apologies for those who saw it on HWLOL already, but this picture of RSL's baby daughter (from late March or early April) makes me smile.

Cut in case you don't care )


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