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Saw Camelot last weekend with [personal profile] bironic, and it was very fun.

The reviews have been uneven to say the least so I was a bit worried going in, but I loved it! Looking back at the reviews, they’re mostly like, This isn’t as elaborate as the three-hour version with Julie Andrews so boo to this.

I’ve never seen the three-hour version to compare it to, so I took this version on its own merits and thought it was quite fun. They did have some occasions when they very blatantly had a symbol stand in for something more elaborate (e.g., covered the floor in red to show that Arthur was standing where a battle had recently taken place) -- that worked for me. They didn’t try to pretend; they very clearly indicated when things were symbols. Another example: rather than close the curtain and move things on the set, they had the actors move things on the set. Generally that was done with a choreographed flourish from the actors, indicating “Ta da! We are doing this transition now!”

The set design in general was one I loved. Use of warm woods, movable set pieces, tall arches placed in foreground, midground and background for a sense of scale. In contrast to say, Prodigal Son, where the minimalist design of the outdoor scenes were too minimal for my taste, the set design in this version of Camelot gave a good sense of place in each scene.

Now why did I choose to see a play at a theater located 300 miles from my home? Robert Sean Leonard, naturally. He played Arthur, and looked good. He was SO MUCH more comfortable showing affection to Guenevere (played by a very good actress named Britney Coleman, who Bironic recognized as having been in A Very Potter Musical on YouTube) than he’s been in anything else ever, so that was nice. It looked like he had grown a tummy on him, but I don’t see how that’s possible in the few weeks since promo pics, so maybe that was the costume.

Singing isn't RSL's greatest strength but he acquitted himself fine (other than dropping the end of some of his words, seriously, RSL, finish what you start). He slid into the Rex Harrison/Robert Preston sing/talk mode (see the 1964 film My Fair Lady and the 1962 film Music Man if you don't know what I mean) and that was fine.

Did you see the promo vid where he was dancing, and it looked kind of dorky and uncoordinated? That scene takes place in Arthur & Guenevere’s bedroom, and they are joking around. So it’s supposed to look a little bit dorky and impromptu. :)

One amazingly fun part that wasn't RSL: Mordred, the villain. Bironic and I agreed immediately that he was very reminiscent of Seth Green ("Scott Evil!" I said) and that we loved the sparkle seen in his thighs and personality, both. ([personal profile] bironic's full write-up, which is better than mine, is here.

The actors didn’t come out afterward, so no autograph or close-up encounter, unfortunately. But all in all, it was a great time and I’m glad I went.

I'm even more glad that I chose to travel the way I did because it meant a lot more time with Bironic, and that was even better than the play. <3 <3 <3

Next up for RSL: back to San Diego to play Richard II in summer 2017.

Next up for me: Going to the UK for work in a few weeks and getting to see my awesome RSL-loving friend [personal profile] daisylily!

Dorky dancing that I was talking about:
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I think Prodigal Son would have been much more interesting from the point of view of RSL's character, Alan Hoffman, and here's why.

Spoilers for Prodigal Son; content warning for talk of exploitation )
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My review of Prodigal Son. Others have other reviews, and I am not taking away from them, but here is mine:

Eh. Basically, I spent $90 plus travel to see Robert Sean Leonard in person and that was worth it to me (even though he didn’t have Stage Door so I didn’t see him up close), but if he hadn’t been in the play, I would have been angry to spend that much.

My biggest problem with the play is the play itself, not the production.

It could have said something about class, but it doesn’t.

It could have said something about betrayal, but it doesn’t.

It could have said something about external vs. internal conceptions of right and wrong, but it doesn’t.

It tells a story I have heard way too often to have any patience for: able straight cis white Christian late-teen boy screws up repeatedly, hurts others, gets coddled for no real reason, doesn’t appreciate what he has, and whines for more.

I thought of Marley Dias, and how she could sum up her required reading as “white boy with dog.”

Acting-wise, Timothee Chalamet was very good; I was drawn in by his performance. Annika Boras’s acting was very good, although I wanted to adjust her volume up. Chris McGarry was very, very touching. He should’ve been on the posters.

RSL, I enjoyed watching, as always, though I felt sometimes he was apologizing for the material. It would be interesting to know what his discussions with the writer/director were. And one pivotal scene fell flat due to RSL’s continued inability to make a certain action believable. Some day, some day. Maybe.

If you’re a fan of Timothee Chalamet or are willing to pay $90 to look at RSL, you can give this a try. Otherwise, I hear Fun Home is really good.

PS. Where does fic come from? From the places canon didn't go. Here's my fic (BIG spoilers):
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Just saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. It was an interesting film, although who knew British spies cried that much? Benedict Cumberbatch seemed to be trying valiantly to keep up with Gary Oldman -- which fit his character Peter well, so a good match. Mr. L pointed out how happy Martin Freeman would be with Peter's style choices.

What else?

- Tom Hardy needs to not ever have that color hair again.
- From now on, Mr. L is going to use the word "underfucked" way too much for my liking, I can tell.
- Apparently they cut a lot out of the story to get the film time down to two hours. That was a good choice.
- I did like the movie, but it confirmed that Le Carre's storytelling is just not for me. I don't feel the same excitement that he apparently feels for these types of events.
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2010 was the year of not hardly writing. I miss my pretty, pretty writing icon. Plus, you know, writing things.

Four ficlets, an almost-ficlet, and one decent-sized fic which was a remix, for a total of 11,508 words:

A Little Thing, PG, friendship, ficlet, 4/10
Advice, PG-13, friendship, ficlet, dialogue only, spoilers through ep. 6-22, 5/10
NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REMIX I’ll See It Through (The Texas Two-Step Mix), NC-17, Stargate Atlantis fic, McKay/Sheppard, warning for possible triggers for consent issues, written for RemixRedux 2010, 5/10
Shining Armor, PG, friendship, midquel to My Fathers' Son, ficlet, 7/10
Plot, What Plot, NC-17, ficlet, 10/10
All Hallows' Eve, PG, prequel to My Fathers' Son, 10/10

I added to my WsIP with a not-yet fulfilled attempt at Kink_Bingo, and came up wtih a new escape route for myself: a Fly Free Little Fragment tag. This will (with any luck) allow me to let some of these go.

I also started my first fanvid, and started transferring fics to AO3.
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2009 was apparently the year of the ficlet. I wrote 38 pieces, for a total of 35,618 words (only three fics longer than 2,000 words), and four mini-DVD commentaries. My shortest piece was "Any Afternoon" at 100 words; longest was "Milk, Silk, a Bedspread or a Quilt" at 5,822 words.

Fic Roundup and Fave/Most Fun/Most Sexy/Holy Crap That's Wrong )
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I don't normally do a monthly round-up, but the past month-ish there were several small pieces. These are all ficlets of under 1000 words, unless marked, with no spoilers, unless marked. (I also wrote a tiny Taub piece, but ugh. It was terrible. Sorry about that, [ profile] shutterbug_12.)

Friendship, love, family, and superpowers )
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In 2008, I wrote 58 pieces, for a total of 110,700 words, one DVD commentary, and 14 recs for [ profile] crack_van. Shortest was "Yep-a-Doodle" at 126 words; longest was my Big Bang fic "In for a Pound" at 23,900 words. The first half of the year was far more productive (71,800 words) than the second half (38,900).

Fic Roundup and Fave/Most Fun/Most Sexy/Holy Crap That's Wrong )

Happy New Year!
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Two years have gone by in a flash. Seriously.

Hugs and love to [ profile] daisylily, who continues to be my beta soulmate and an all-around awesome person. Thanks also to my co-conspirators in the [ profile] black_cigarette collective and to other Early Readers on my f-list who always provide valuable concrit and suggestions.

Fical [sic] Year in Review

I wrote 55 pieces from 7/5/07 to 7/4/08 for a total of 139,569 words.

Read more... )

All in all, a good year! Thanks to everybody who read, commented, provided concrit, and supported me throughout the year. ♥
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Just updated my fic list through 5/31. I don't normally do a monthly round-up, but May was an odd conglomeration of fics: sad, happy, speculative, non-canon, G to NC-17.

Amber, House/Foreman, and kidfic, oh my )
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I did a full stats review back in July on my fic anniversary, so here I'll just answer some of the questions that are going around.

In 2007, I wrote 66 pieces (11 were chapters in Aftershocks), 2 DVD commentaries, and 3 MSTs. Shortest was a House/Snape drabble at 100 words; longest was Keeper (Agnates in Elysium) at 29,047 words.

Fave/Most Fun/Most Sexy/Holy Crap That's Wrong )
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One year ago today I posted my first Housefic:  That Time Cameron Had Mono (House/Wilson, NC-17).  Thought I'd look back and share some fun facts.
Let me start with the hugest of thanks to [personal profile] daisylily, my beta soulmate and an all-around awesome person, without whom this would have been a much more difficult year. Thanks also to Early Readers on my f-list who’ve provided valuable concrit and suggestions.

Year in Review

I wrote 72 pieces (fics, ficlets, drabbles, and drabble collections) for a total of 216,449 words.  My fic list is here.

Considering the average novel is 80,000 to 120,000 words, that's two novels' worth.  No wonder I'm tired.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll get a drink and put my feet up.
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[profile] maddoggirl is calling for folks to MST their very first Housefic, which caused me to look back and realize that my one-year ficiversary is coming up on July 5.  (STOP ME BEFORE I PORTMANTEAU AGAIN)  That might be a good deadline date if anybody has any fics they've been writing me, or thinking about writing me...

A few stats:
That Time Cameron Had Mono was posted to [community profile] house_wilsonand [profile] house_slashon 7/5/06.  I had begged for betas on H_W on 7/2 and [profile] hellspoette, [profile] whimsicalwonder[profile] blutige_liebeand Media answered the call.

Very first comment:  "It's unrealistically funny, yet... It fits. Overall good read." by [profile] elva_barr.  I actually emailed her to find out what "unrealistically funny" meant and she replied, "... it seemed like a very well-thought out parody. Not really making fun, but your fic to most slash was a bit like Jon Stewart to CNN. Both are good, and equally different, yada, yada."  I was bemused (had never intended it as a parody) and yet pleased.

It makes me happy to see that some of my current f-list commented on Mono:  [profile] axmxz, [personal profile] rivers_bend, [profile] idonmatrix[personal profile] daisylily(LOVE), [personal profile] daasgrrl(who I totally fangirled all over in reply), and [personal profile] purridot(in her prior life as caerulea_cat).
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I fell head-over-heels for House, MD, and the House/Wilson fandom in late June of this year. Posted my first fic on July 5.

By December 31, I had posted 35 fics (including a couple ficlets/drabbles, and one novella-length piece) and 13 MSTs.

List of fics (with links; all H/W unless noted) )

My husband hates me and I'm lucky I haven't been fired. But it's worth it because House/Wilson is sex on wheels, and I've met some very smart, funny, and insightful people through this fandom, including my fabulous beta soulmate

[ profile] daisylily 

 Here's to a saner 2007!


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