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At a certain point this afternoon, I noticed that for no particular reason I was in a good mood.

Wow, I thought to myself, this is nice. Do regularly-chemical-ed brains get this kind of thing all the time? Good for them if so, because this is pleasant.

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All credit to intjwoo on Tumblr for this one. I almost choked laughing when I got to ISTJ. Original post here

What actually runs in the veins of the 16 Myers-Briggs types

ENTJ: The crushed souls of the defeated


ENTP: Memes

INTP: Nothing. They don’t have veins. They’re robots.

ENFJ: Liquid gold

INFJ: Ambrosia

ENFP: Margarita mix

INFP: Tears

ESTJ: Caffeine

ISTJ: Blood, because that’s what’s supposed to be there

ESTP: Vodka

ISTP: Gasoline

ESFJ: Hot chocolate

ISFJ: Cookie butter

ESFP: Glitter

ISFP: Rain

Source: intjwoo
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I've been watching the TV series Bones on Netflix. Formulaic mysteries with humor; it's awesome. Anyway, since it's all about murders there have been bones and bugs and tissue pieces and blood, and I've made it through all that with no problem. But this episode (s9 e22) they've been talking about fingernail beds and my body has gone NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Interesting that this would be the one thing that would do me in.
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Saw Camelot last weekend with [personal profile] bironic, and it was very fun.

The reviews have been uneven to say the least so I was a bit worried going in, but I loved it! Looking back at the reviews, they’re mostly like, This isn’t as elaborate as the three-hour version with Julie Andrews so boo to this.

I’ve never seen the three-hour version to compare it to, so I took this version on its own merits and thought it was quite fun. They did have some occasions when they very blatantly had a symbol stand in for something more elaborate (e.g., covered the floor in red to show that Arthur was standing where a battle had recently taken place) -- that worked for me. They didn’t try to pretend; they very clearly indicated when things were symbols. Another example: rather than close the curtain and move things on the set, they had the actors move things on the set. Generally that was done with a choreographed flourish from the actors, indicating “Ta da! We are doing this transition now!”

The set design in general was one I loved. Use of warm woods, movable set pieces, tall arches placed in foreground, midground and background for a sense of scale. In contrast to say, Prodigal Son, where the minimalist design of the outdoor scenes were too minimal for my taste, the set design in this version of Camelot gave a good sense of place in each scene.

Now why did I choose to see a play at a theater located 300 miles from my home? Robert Sean Leonard, naturally. He played Arthur, and looked good. He was SO MUCH more comfortable showing affection to Guenevere (played by a very good actress named Britney Coleman, who Bironic recognized as having been in A Very Potter Musical on YouTube) than he’s been in anything else ever, so that was nice. It looked like he had grown a tummy on him, but I don’t see how that’s possible in the few weeks since promo pics, so maybe that was the costume.

Singing isn't RSL's greatest strength but he acquitted himself fine (other than dropping the end of some of his words, seriously, RSL, finish what you start). He slid into the Rex Harrison/Robert Preston sing/talk mode (see the 1964 film My Fair Lady and the 1962 film Music Man if you don't know what I mean) and that was fine.

Did you see the promo vid where he was dancing, and it looked kind of dorky and uncoordinated? That scene takes place in Arthur & Guenevere’s bedroom, and they are joking around. So it’s supposed to look a little bit dorky and impromptu. :)

One amazingly fun part that wasn't RSL: Mordred, the villain. Bironic and I agreed immediately that he was very reminiscent of Seth Green ("Scott Evil!" I said) and that we loved the sparkle seen in his thighs and personality, both. ([personal profile] bironic's full write-up, which is better than mine, is here.

The actors didn’t come out afterward, so no autograph or close-up encounter, unfortunately. But all in all, it was a great time and I’m glad I went.

I'm even more glad that I chose to travel the way I did because it meant a lot more time with Bironic, and that was even better than the play. <3 <3 <3

Next up for RSL: back to San Diego to play Richard II in summer 2017.

Next up for me: Going to the UK for work in a few weeks and getting to see my awesome RSL-loving friend [personal profile] daisylily!

Dorky dancing that I was talking about:
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"Have you seen the twin turbos on that new Cesna, by chance?"

Said to a male friend while staring creepily at Kristy Swanson. D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

I've liked RSL's acting in Ground Control -- up until that line. The rest of the movie is kinda eh, but it's fun for the 80s flashback.

The bully from Stand by Me and Lost Boys! The love interest from Top Gun! The dad from Family Ties! The Fonz! (Well, that's 70s but you get the point) Dot matrix printers! Headsets having plugs! Software design being "ones and zeroes, zeroes and ones"! Short-sleeve dress shirts worn with ties! A lot of coffee but none of it is from Starbucks (or equivalent fake brand due to copyright issues)!
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OK, so I am not dead, which is good. My creative mojo just went far, far away, and without that, I find myself very boring. Don't want to inflict the tedium on y'all, such lovely folks, and so stopped posting.

But! But! A sudden compulsion has come up to create a particular fanwork, so who wants a present? It's a Sherlock BBC vid, John/Sherlock. Started ripping eps last night and hope to have a draft done on Sunday. :)

Hope all is well with you. ♥ ♥ ♥
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(Please note accurate and sad use of subjunctive.)

- The fic for Daasgrrl and Bironic and Sabine (because of reasons) where Sherlock participates in a case via laptop (yes, the show already did that device; it makes me feel even more comfortable writing such outlandishness)
- The crossover of Sherlock with the dream-AU-House-verse from my fic "Family Way" in which asexual is true in more than one way. The AO3 tags on this one would be almost guaranteed to contain something that would make everybody I know back-button while still not containing any Archive Warnings and possibly being rated G. :D Would be writing this purely for myself.
- The House fic with the flags in Lubbock
- The House-Design Star fusion
- A post-Season Eight House fic for Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia

I am alive

Sep. 29th, 2012 06:43 pm
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Hello. Long time no post.

I won a Humorous Speech contest today. I owe it all to Mr. L.

Literally -- my speech was about weird things he's done. :D

Anyhoo, I am 95% done with a Housefic. It's been at 80% done for a while but now an ending is in sight! Wish me luck!
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So in the same Glee episode where they mention RSL's film "In the Gloaming" (ep. 1-19), it's revealed for the first time that the teacher's ex-wife's maiden name is Terry Delmonico.

Which is the same name as the person I had Wilson remembering getting frisky in a diner booth with, in Lawn Guy. :D

(Unrelated: Neil Patrick Harris having hate-eye-sex with Jane Lynch? HOT.)
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(As an aside, one sin I do want to see Wilson punished for is skipping out on the "backstage-pass" monster trucks event that House paid for with money out of his own pocket, for dinner with a distant friend/acquaintance. OMG the woobie face on House when Wilson turns him down! And his sad little attempt at covering up the disappointment with a "Secret Friend Club" -- my lip is still trembling, eight years later. RESCHEDULE THE DINNER, WILSON! RESCHEDULE THE DAMN DINNER!!!)

Here is the irony of fics in which Wilson is condemned by a third party for the bad things Wilson has done to House: You are witholding approval from a person who needs it in order to function, and giving that approval to a person who doesn't give a fuck what you think about him. House needs and appreciates Wilson's approval, his mom's approval, and for a while Stacy's approval and Cuddy's approval. But he does not care about a random acquaintance or stranger's approval. That's not how he's built.

"But everybody needs approval!" Yes, everybody needs approval, but each person differs on who they need it from.
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Headline in the Washington Post read, "Romney will take respect over love," and my first thought was...

Say it with me:

With Wilson, you get both!

Except, my fanon is that Wilson always votes for the candidate with the hottest wife so it'd be Obama who'd get both. Sorry, Mitt.
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Headline in the Washington Post read, "Romney will take respect over love," and my first thought was...

Say it with me:

With Wilson, you get both!

Except, my fanon is that Wilson always votes for the candidate with the hottest wife so it'd be Obama who'd get both. Sorry, Mitt.
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How's things?

Me, things are fine. Work and stuff and family.

I bought a better vidding program and have created another vid. It's a House vid, but somehow it has no Wilson in it. Huh. Anyway, [personal profile] bironic said she'd give me some feedback on it and then it'll be ready to post. Hoping to get it posted before Vividcon distracts everyone with better vids. :)
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Mr. Laundry fixed my laptop! YAYAYAYAYAY Thank you to those who left condolences; I appreciate it. Backing up is now underway...

Guyz, Guyz

Jul. 6th, 2012 12:27 pm
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I can't settle; my mind's going around and around and UGH.

Have an icon of Lana.

Maybe I should make myself an easy goal. OK, here it is: Watch first six episodes of House, season one. This will (a) catch me up to the Rewatch comm, (b) let me make notes for the Big Scary Place vid, and (c) possibly give me source for the Bingo vid.

And I can start on this goal... tomorrow.

So, how are y'all?


Jun. 19th, 2012 05:28 pm
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I am doing that "run in circles without going anywhere" mental thing again (again? more like, still and/or a term that expresses complete pervasiveness more than 'incessantly' -- and why isn't the noun for 'pervasive' 'pervasion' I ASK YOU)

Partly it is work and partly is is how much of a dud I am and partly it is that I want to Consume All The Kidfic, oh [community profile] fancake you are going to kill me.

Anyway, people were lovely and sparkly and bright in both senses of the word at [community profile] con_txt, and [personal profile] bironic saved me seats and [personal profile] hannah loaned me half her room one night, and I really enjoyed it in spite of being, as previously mentioned, a complete and utter dud.

You'd think I'd be able to finish a fic in which Wilson gets wet and takes his clothes off; you'd be incorrect so far. On the other hand, the mental fix-it to one of the awful-to-Wilson stories I can't stop reading (except it's done so maybe now I can stay free) is complete! Wilson switches therapists, starts talking about the emotional abuse he suffered as a child/teen/adult, breaks up with his girlfriend (who didn't like, respect, or trust him, although she's a decent person in her own right), gets a better job across town from PPTH, joins a single-parents group, starts becoming very good friends with Zach, the instructor of a "Mommy and Me" class he'd taken his son to, and cautiously -- with the support of his therapist and friends -- starts exploring the same-sex attraction aspect of his bisexuality. Now in my head-fanon, he's living happily with Zach, co-parenting successfully with his ex-girlfriend, thriving at his job, and enjoying time with a wide group of friends. Which, yes, does include House, when his schedule and House's match up.

(Never has the tag "rambling" seemed so apt.)
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Livejournal is doing that thing again where it will let me go to many places on LJ except my friends list or my own page. Grr.

I should be working on my post for Bingo over on Dreamwidth anyway, so...
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Yes, I'm deliberately mixing up correlation and causation, but seriously, SERIOUSLY. The new topic at [community profile] fancake is Kidfic (*Dee draws sparkly hearts*) and each click into an awesome-sounding story brings me to


:( :( :(

PS. In other news, [community profile] con_txt has been lots of fun. Bironic's vid "Soccer Practice" got the love it deserved \o/
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Saw a quick hit about RSL being on Mad Men and thought WHAT? Turns out it was just an Entertainment Weekly writer indulging in some fantasizing about where that show could go in the future. SPOILERS for Mad Men.

RSL, You Know You Want to Live in That Era. Call Your Agent! )


May. 25th, 2012 11:23 pm
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This TV critic doesn't name his source but says:

4. Robert Sean Leonard. Wilson was always the Watson to House's Holmes. Sometimes described as a "doormat,” he manages to make fans believe somebody could put up with all of House's selfish, childish behaviour and still care about him. Many critics single him out as the one supporting character who could never leave the show. Canadian footnote: his name is derived from two neighbouring buildings on the campus of Montreal's McGill University: James Administration Building and Wilson Hall.

Has anybody heard that derivation for Wilson's name before? Which of the show producers/creators graduated from McGill?


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