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Parents on my F-list, do you see the same problem with this toy that I do?


"Hide and seek with adorable bees! Tots enjoy a super-fun game of hide-and-seek…with a cute 8" hive & 5 friendly bees that jingle, rattle, crinkle and squeak! Little ones just flip open the hive to hide the bees inside, then pull them through the peekaboo door!" (Available here)

Sherlock fans, someone would buy this for Sherlock's toddler, y/y?
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Please share with me canon references to instances of Cuddy being a friend to Wilson.

Thank you!
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[ profile] bironic came over yesterday and was her usual lovely self, which I very much needed.

She and Mr. L and I mainlined Community eps and laughed our butts off. Very witty and media-referential and awesome. Emotionally engaging, too: "Introduction to Film" made me tear up. I got what Abed was doing way before the other characters, and it still made me tear up.

In other media news: I am getting into Glee pretty heavily. Heard second-hand that the fandom very often doesn't get it, so I probably won't get fannish with the show, but yeah.
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This Is an Essay (Harry Potter fandom, gen, OC) has received six kudos since lunch today.

I am very grateful and pleased folks are liking the fic. At the same time, I'm curious why there's been such interest today. Anyone know?


Jun. 5th, 2011 04:12 pm
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I put this multi-fandom picspam together for [community profile] kink_bingo, but now I may go a different way with the first bingo line. Ah well, still sharing this picspam with you because these are some fine pieces of... machinery. The people in all pics are fully clothed, so you could probably call this safe for work.

Motorcycles Start With Mmmmmmm )


Apr. 23rd, 2011 08:20 pm
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HUGE thanks to my remix betas. You are awesome. ♥ ♥ ♥
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I've finished copying all my fics to Archive of Our Own. \o/ (My page is here.)

Determined two things in the process:

1) Holy smokes, I used to be prolific.
2) We desperately need more writers to put their House fics on AO3. When 18 percent of the fics about a popular character (Wilson) are written by one writer (remaining nameless), there is not enough on the archive!

And, three favors to ask:

i) If any of my fics are linked to yours in any way (remix, inspired by, sequel/prequel) and you have your fics on AO3, please let me know so I can fix up the links.

ii) I've been trying to come up with good tags for my fics so they'll be easily findable by people interested in different topics such as "gender issues" or "light bondage" or "bad puns." If you have any suggestions for particular fics, PM me, please!

iii) When you're reading on AO3 - not just my fics, but anyone's - if you have something to say about the story, please leave a comment. If you don't have the energy to leave a comment but like the fic, please click the "Leave Kudos ♥" button. It takes milliseconds to do, but leaves the writer pleased for far longer.
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Born Yesterday began previews Thursday 3/31/11. I haven't seen any reviews yet but found a few comments here:

RSL was there that night, so I am of course curious how he's going to film the season closer of House. Maybe his scenes are already done?
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Go read this Robert Sean Leonard news then come back here and discuss.

I'm not kidding about NYC in mid-May.

Note: House spoilers may appear in the comments below or on that post.

ETA: Whattaya know? This is my 1000th post. Huh.
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I'm watching the "Reunion" episode of Ru Paul's Drag Race, and wow, I love Ru Paul. She is wonderful and so inspiring.
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I like [ profile] housewilsonlol. It's not always funny; I don't like every single one of the members; but overall, I like the community.

If you go around saying repeatedly that the comm sucks, especially on the comm itself, that makes me angry. I am less likely to want to interact with you.

Maybe you don't care. If so, god speed, and you suck. If you do care, though, I just wanted to be perfectly clear.
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Sad news story from the UK Daily Mail. I didn't even know this cause of a heart problem was possible for people under the age of eighty.

Woman, 30, Died from Sexual Arousal While Watching Pornography

I want to laughingly tell you all to stay safe... and also tell you seriously to stay safe. : (
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[Poll #1578888]

PS. HGTV is a cable channel available in the US. "HG" stands for "Home and Garden"; the shows are about homes, design, home repair, gardening, etc. I am addicted to "House Hunters" - where we follow a person, couple, or family as they go shopping for a home - and just started watching "Design Star." Check out their website here:
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LOLOL I fail at Midwest and Mountain states.

visited 34 states (68%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

Are there any science-y-type people who aren't participating in Remix who might be able to look over something tomorrow and make sure I'm not making a fool of myself? It doesn't have to be perfect, just reasonable. Verisimilitude! AKA, the laugh test.
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Congratulations to two awesome folks on my f-list, [ profile] srsly_yes and [ profile] moose_mcmoose, for taking on the job of modding [ profile] house_wilson! Congratulations as well to [ profile] soophelia!

I have other friends who mod active communities and know from them that it's a challenging job. You have all my support and gratitude. If you ever want to ask a question, or get an "oldster"'s perspective when you're thinking something through, please feel free to email or PM me.



May. 8th, 2010 04:52 pm
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OK, Taco Bell Kids Meal, now what kind of kid was this created for, hm? I'm not complaining for myself, not at all, but...

Actual toy in Taco Bell Kids Meal purchased today )
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2010-05-04 09:22 am (local) (link)
Wilson is not being cruel. House is being a jerk as usual, and a crybaby."

I love House. I empathize with him and make excuses for him, and try to contort my thinking into the thinking of those who make even more excuses for him.

And then alieb42 comes along and tells the truth, and knocks sense into me.


(possibility of minor spoilers in comments, depending on what people want to talk about -- NO MAJOR SPOILERS, please)
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End your written preview of it with these words from the writer-director: "Everything looks as normal as possible [but] if you peel that away, the moms are watching gay male porn. Everyone has their thing."


The Kids Are All Right, due out July 7

Hi Again

Apr. 11th, 2010 09:58 am
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That minor outpatient surgery I mentioned on 3/31 turned out just fine, but ended up keeping me away from regular use of the internet for longer than anticipated.

Ah well.

Now that you've had time to (not) miss me, guess I'll make that Announcement briefly referred to on 3/31: Calling time of death on my writing motivation. Resuscitative efforts were attempted for months but ultimately failed. : (

If you're watching my journal primarily for the fic and want to de-friend me, I totally understand. No hard feelings whatsoever.

If ever insipration strikes, I'll post to the appropriate comm. In fact, there are a couple of ficlets that will go up in the next few days (and I owe several more). Just don't want to mislead anyone -- including myself -- that the fic will come regularly now.

***New episode of House tomorrow night!***


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