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Humans, Season 1 - TV (Amazon Prime) - Now this was an AI-related show worth watching! Great atmosphere, great characters, great mystery. “Humanity is not a state; it’s a quality.” There is a Season 2, but where S1 ended was a great stopping point in itself. I decided to let this one sit with me for a while and then decide on buying S2 or not.

Dr. Strange - movie (Netflix) - What was that accent, Mr. Cumberbatch? Ugh. The “building folding” scenes made me feel a bit dizzy/nauseated but other than that this was fun. Not really a good movie but fun. Comic relief scenes were pleasantly goofy, including BC doing basically the “running man” dance. PS. Benjamin Bratt is still hot.

The Flash, Season 3 - TV (Netflix) - Still candy. Felicity is still my favorite character. Time travel + multiverse still doesn’t work from a logical perspective but the handwaving is fun to watch. This season has Draco plus Amber from House plus Blaine from Glee, so that’s a special joy.
Best quote: “I like Shark Week; I’m not a marine biologist.”

Silicon Valley, Season 4 - TV (HBO) - Watched this one week-by-week. The season closer was particularly great, with the twists being genuine surprises to me, delightfully so. Not out of nowhere, but “Oh yeah! That relates back to xyz in earlier eps! Awesome!” This is also a show that can push the reset button on characters in a way that makes sense, unlike other shows I can name *cough*House*cough*

Supergirl, episodes 1-9 of Season 1 - TV (Netflix) - Very much the cousin show of The Flash, to be expected since it’s all the same ‘verse. I like the positivity, the hope, and the emphasis on family -- the ways it can be helpful and a challenge. Two problems: 1) young-teen boy says Supergirl is his favorite superhero and Kara (Kara!) immediately says, “Oh do you think she’s pretty? Do you have a crush?” WTF, Supergirl! You should be encouraging boys to think of Supergirl as a hero/person first, not actively pushing them to primarily think/talk about their romantic attraction. Ugh. 2) Showrunners using James to tell Winn he should confess his romantic feelings to Kara when she has CLEARLY INDICATED she sees him as a friend period. That shit is not fucking cute. Especially when Alex has already mentioned “staying out of the friend zone” in connection to how Kara feels about James. No. Just no. Can we not do this, show? Please.

ETA Supergirl ep 10, spoilers )
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Media Diary - May 2017

Willful Machines - book - Eh. It seemed like this book was custom-designed for me: closeted gay nerdy teen protagonist meets self-aware robots and considers what truly constitutes life while solving a mystery and angsting about not living up to the expectations of his successful family. But the writing never grabbed me; I never felt immersed into it, not once. I found myself skimming a lot. Sorry, author Tim Floreen, you and your partner and your twin baby daughters seem cute but this book didn’t do it for me. :(

Westworld, eps 6-end of S1 - TV (HBONow) - After finishing the season, my thoughts were: “We've now finished the first season, and it was fine. I definitely empathize with the Hosts. There's one scene where Maeve says, "Oh Felix, you really do make a terrible human being. [long pause] And I mean that as a compliment." The human beings in this are awful.”

Secret Life of Pets - movie (Netflix) - Cute and silly. Didn’t really make sense but it was fun.

Moneyball - movie - People using facts to show up swaggering ‘we know best’ types, aka, my jam. They exaggerated the bifurcation of statistical analysis and personal negotiation (the “price” of a player isn’t a sticker price; it’s always going to be influenced by the other team’s perception of your interest level), but I can see how it was done to juice the drama. Also done to juice the drama: approximately nine gazillion scenes of Brad Pitt’s face as he considered things silently. Any other actor in the world and the audience would have fallen asleep, but it was Brad Pitt after a professional stylist had wiped the grime off, so it wasn’t boring. Blatant, but not boring.

Star Trek V: I don’t know the name of it - movie - This was a watch-together with Bironic and Ignazwisdom. Oh my god this movie was so boring. We snoozed our way through it. Iggy’s going to blog it on her Star Trek Tumblr if anyone’s interested in my “witty” comments throughout.

The Flash, Season 2 - TV (Netflix) - This series is like candy to me. Delicious every minute of indulgence but doesn’t linger with me later. Felicity Smoak remains my favorite character even though she’s only been in one episode each season.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 - movie - ADORED it. Funny, great-looking action, lots of found-family and friendship to put a warm feeling in my heart. Drax continues to be the best. I pointed out to my son (who watched with me) that it’s rude to call someone ugly, especially as much as Drax called Mantis ugly, but that all the rest of his behavior toward her was what real-life women appreciate: acknowledging that looks are irrelevant to your value as a person. (PS. I will probably ask for this on DVD for Christmas, thereby adding to my accidental collection of Kurt Russell & Sylvester Stallone fun flicks.)

Riverdale - TV (Netflix) - Watched all 13 episodes in two days. Liked it. I had thought it would be teen comedy but instead it’s a mystery story a la Twin Peaks (though less supernatural). Thumbs up. Cole Sprouse continues to be my inappropriately-young-for-me dapper-woman crush. See photo evidence here:

The President Show - TV (Comedy Central) - The pathos of this show really gets to me. It’s funny, and I hope cathartic for the guests, but very unexpected to feel the moments of connection and empathy.
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Les Miserables - movie - To my surprise, I really liked it. I am not a fan of sweeping dramas and kind of meh on the idea of singing every single line ... but this one sold me. Maybe it's how quickly the plot moves, or the way pretty much every scene focused in on just a few key characters so it was easy to follow.

Luke Cage, season 1 - TV (Netflix) - Thumbs up. Phenomenal acting. It's a little repetitive, though. It seems like every episode Luke says, "Now I'll be leaving Harlem," but *spoiler* he doesn't leave.

Growing Up Coy - documentary (Netflix) - Good. How can people look at this girl and try to force her into the boys' bathroom? Two disabled sisters included, not dwelled on, which is how it should be.

Team Foxcatcher - documentary (Neflix) - So sad for everyone involved. :(

Suicide Squad - movie - IDK why everyone was so down on this. It was a comic book movie, no more, no less. There was one annoying reference to killing men but refusing to kill women as a virtue (women are not inherently any more innocent than men, as demonstrated by Waller in this movie) but otherwise it was alright. Maybe I'm just saying that because all the main characters' most heartfelt desires were for domestic bliss (be still, my vanilla-kink heart).

Mystery Science Theater 3000, new series, eps 1-3 - TV (Netflix) - Made me nostalgic for House MST.

Westworld, eps 1-5 - TV (HBONow) - It's ok. Certainly better than that awful Alex Garland movie about creating AI. I'm intrigued by the ongoing mystery and like the way the clues are being revealed. One wish: More Guests who are women. Is it really that "all Guests care about is sex and fighting" or is it that "the ones writing the Plots are men who are into sex and fighting and therefore the Guests who want to come are men who only care about sex and fighting"? And, no, I don't care for William, whose 'above all that' demeanor is annoyingly sexist too.
- If I was a Guest, I would like to be the Mayor, so that I could be the boss and make all the civic decisions and be toadied to. My husband would like to be the bartender at the brothel, so he could make jokes all day and talk to everyone and look at pretty women. I'll admit that we'd both use the opportunity to have sex, too, but that wouldn't be the focus of every day. And neither of us are interested in killing people.
- Side Note: Mr. L and I have fun saying, "It's a Hemsworth!" whenever Stubbs shows up on screen.
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This is a thing Bironic and Nightdog do, so why not me?

April 2017 (not complete, who cares)

Mockingjay - book - FINALLY FINISHED THIS SERIES! - Impressions: I liked the third book, made sense that Katniss was removed from the action, THIS is how you do a slight spoiler ) epilogue (side-eyeing you hard, HP) - Ideas: H/W fusion fic; Peeta vid for Vividcon

Mockingjay part 1 - movie - I don't like how few people were in the conf room in 13 - not the right feel, I would've preferred we stayed in Katniss POV (though I can see why the filmmakers would've made the decision)

Mockingjay part 2 - movie - Tigris was too pretty, some changes in pods were good and some weren't, mutts were as scary as I had pictured them, wonder if author wrote the Snow part specifically for Donald Sutherland because he FALLS INTO THAT PART oh so chilling, J Law is a good actor but they still should have given an olive-skinned actress this part

Ex Machina - movie - UGH. The core tenets of the movie are repellently misogynistic and I find it disappointing that Mr. L and apparently every film critic ever doesn't get how repellent it is.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 - tv - woot! like a fanfic on film in terms of pure feels fulfillment, I am reminded of Sue's line on Glee about how it's hard to keep track of couples with how often the partners change, sometimes I have to ask myself, 'Now who am I supposed to be empathizing with this ep?' Viola Davis is a very good actor, Bon-Bon is a lying liar who lies (everybody else I think I know what's a lie and what's truth but not her).


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