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Apparently one of the Porn Battles I picked this prompt? Cuddy/Wilson/Stacy, memories

And then named it the very unmemorable "Title," forgot to finish it, and left it on my PC hard drive for 2 & 1/2 years.

I have no idea where I planned to take it (except it wasn't going to mention House at all, keeping this a special fun time for C/W/S, and there was going to be balanced attention among all three characters), but I like this first part, so here you go. This part's about a PG-13 for mention of genitals.

They never can remember who met whom first. )
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[ profile] sickwilson_fest is open for prompt-claiming. To celebrate, here is a fragment I started way back when, which I'm not going to be able to finish.

Summary: Dr. House gets curious about the server at a hotel's restaurant, and can't resist poking. A verbal argument ensues.
Notes/Warnings: Set in 2005 (what would have been the beginning of Season One). James Wilson never went to med school, and Danny Wilson doesn't have schizophrenia. The fairytale referenced by Wilson was actually written by [ profile] fallen_arazil: Ever and Ever.

It's not too busy, which is good. )
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In the spirit of not bugging [ profile] bironic repeatedly with fic ideas I'm never going to actually write, here is today's:

I am NOT going to write The One Where Wilson Comes Out of the Closet, Discovers That House Is Indeed Straight, and With the Help of a Guy Named Blaine Finds Out That the "Last Two Miles" Aren't as Scary as He'd Thought They Would Be.


"You can't tell me you've never tried having sex with a man," Wilson says skeptically.

I've tried a lot of things, House says )
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This is just a fragment, from a draft "House meets interesting people in (co-ed) Mayfield" fic. But I felt like putting it up tonight for some reason.

I'm very good at this. Quite excellent, in fact. )
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From the S5 post-ep I'm not going to write:

"You said we weren't friends."

"You said you were going to trample my feelings, ignore what I want, use my compassion against me, and risk a patient's life in order to get what you want. Does that sound like friendship to you?"

"You asked me to risk my life, and even worse my mind, on the slim chance it would save your girlfriend of a couple of months. Does that sound like friendship to you?"

"'Girlfriend of a couple of months' implies a lot less love than I actually had for her... but no, it doesn't sound like friendship. Which is why I said it as 'we,' instead of saying you weren't a friend to me."


Sep. 23rd, 2008 07:17 am
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Another old fragment I'm discarding, from Nov. 2006. It was going to be part of a future fic. It's goopy-schmoopy but I kind of like how it's phrased.


"You caught me."

It's not actually funny but House laughs anyway. He's been laughing a lot lately. Everything seems to tickle his funny bone, and it suddenly occurs to Wilson that House is now, in general, happy. The realization brings a small prickly lump to his throat. After all the years of trying so hard to help House feel better, it turned out that letting go and letting House take control was what did the trick.

House's eyes are narrowing - he probably sees the glistening in Wilson's eyes. Time to distract him. Wilson stares up at the ceiling and puts one arm behind his head.


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