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Les Miserables - movie - To my surprise, I really liked it. I am not a fan of sweeping dramas and kind of meh on the idea of singing every single line ... but this one sold me. Maybe it's how quickly the plot moves, or the way pretty much every scene focused in on just a few key characters so it was easy to follow.

Luke Cage, season 1 - TV (Netflix) - Thumbs up. Phenomenal acting. It's a little repetitive, though. It seems like every episode Luke says, "Now I'll be leaving Harlem," but *spoiler* he doesn't leave.

Growing Up Coy - documentary (Netflix) - Good. How can people look at this girl and try to force her into the boys' bathroom? Two disabled sisters included, not dwelled on, which is how it should be.

Team Foxcatcher - documentary (Neflix) - So sad for everyone involved. :(

Suicide Squad - movie - IDK why everyone was so down on this. It was a comic book movie, no more, no less. There was one annoying reference to killing men but refusing to kill women as a virtue (women are not inherently any more innocent than men, as demonstrated by Waller in this movie) but otherwise it was alright. Maybe I'm just saying that because all the main characters' most heartfelt desires were for domestic bliss (be still, my vanilla-kink heart).

Mystery Science Theater 3000, new series, eps 1-3 - TV (Netflix) - Made me nostalgic for House MST.

Westworld, eps 1-5 - TV (HBONow) - It's ok. Certainly better than that awful Alex Garland movie about creating AI. I'm intrigued by the ongoing mystery and like the way the clues are being revealed. One wish: More Guests who are women. Is it really that "all Guests care about is sex and fighting" or is it that "the ones writing the Plots are men who are into sex and fighting and therefore the Guests who want to come are men who only care about sex and fighting"? And, no, I don't care for William, whose 'above all that' demeanor is annoyingly sexist too.
- If I was a Guest, I would like to be the Mayor, so that I could be the boss and make all the civic decisions and be toadied to. My husband would like to be the bartender at the brothel, so he could make jokes all day and talk to everyone and look at pretty women. I'll admit that we'd both use the opportunity to have sex, too, but that wouldn't be the focus of every day. And neither of us are interested in killing people.
- Side Note: Mr. L and I have fun saying, "It's a Hemsworth!" whenever Stubbs shows up on screen.
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