Jul. 1st, 2017

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Jul. 1st, 2017 09:53 am
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After months of looking I found a therapist in my area who has evening hours \o/ We had the first appointment and at first blush we might be compatible (although she talks a lot more than I expected).

I told her one problem I'm having is feeling disconnected from time, and she responded that it's a classic symptom for depression. Oh. Oh.

I hadn't realized those two were connected but it does make quite a lot of sense. Haven't translated that into action yet, but it was interesting to learn.

We talked a lot about not being too hard on yourself; next time (in late July, because she's going to London with her best friend to see Adele, which she apologized for (for not being available) but frankly made me like her better) I want to get more into what IS a reasonable standard to hold myself to. Autistic inertia is a real thing, and I need to figure out how far out I can put the "On" switch so as not to burn myself out long-term.
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Humans, Season 1 - TV (Amazon Prime) - Now this was an AI-related show worth watching! Great atmosphere, great characters, great mystery. “Humanity is not a state; it’s a quality.” There is a Season 2, but where S1 ended was a great stopping point in itself. I decided to let this one sit with me for a while and then decide on buying S2 or not.

Dr. Strange - movie (Netflix) - What was that accent, Mr. Cumberbatch? Ugh. The “building folding” scenes made me feel a bit dizzy/nauseated but other than that this was fun. Not really a good movie but fun. Comic relief scenes were pleasantly goofy, including BC doing basically the “running man” dance. PS. Benjamin Bratt is still hot.

The Flash, Season 3 - TV (Netflix) - Still candy. Felicity is still my favorite character. Time travel + multiverse still doesn’t work from a logical perspective but the handwaving is fun to watch. This season has Draco plus Amber from House plus Blaine from Glee, so that’s a special joy.
Best quote: “I like Shark Week; I’m not a marine biologist.”

Silicon Valley, Season 4 - TV (HBO) - Watched this one week-by-week. The season closer was particularly great, with the twists being genuine surprises to me, delightfully so. Not out of nowhere, but “Oh yeah! That relates back to xyz in earlier eps! Awesome!” This is also a show that can push the reset button on characters in a way that makes sense, unlike other shows I can name *cough*House*cough*

Supergirl, episodes 1-9 of Season 1 - TV (Netflix) - Very much the cousin show of The Flash, to be expected since it’s all the same ‘verse. I like the positivity, the hope, and the emphasis on family -- the ways it can be helpful and a challenge. Two problems: 1) young-teen boy says Supergirl is his favorite superhero and Kara (Kara!) immediately says, “Oh do you think she’s pretty? Do you have a crush?” WTF, Supergirl! You should be encouraging boys to think of Supergirl as a hero/person first, not actively pushing them to primarily think/talk about their romantic attraction. Ugh. 2) Showrunners using James to tell Winn he should confess his romantic feelings to Kara when she has CLEARLY INDICATED she sees him as a friend period. That shit is not fucking cute. Especially when Alex has already mentioned “staying out of the friend zone” in connection to how Kara feels about James. No. Just no. Can we not do this, show? Please.

ETA Supergirl ep 10, spoilers )


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